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  Development: Learning the Ropes - Handbells

The Hull Handbells Project and the ART Scheme

When the Hull Handbells project started in March 2016, the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) scheme, "Learning the Ropes - Handbells" was already in an advanced stage, about to go to press with the personal progress log book. Some feedback was given to the creators towards the end of 2016, but it was too late to influence the first version of LtR Handbells.

Our view is that the scheme has merit, has some flexibility, but has some oddities.

Also our view is that certification is a poor motivator towards the learning of complex skills.

The structure of LtR Handbells is inadequate for developing a handbell ringer beyond Treble Bob Minor as the crucial concepts, skills, and techniques are not recognised and hence are not documented. We submit that the Method Progression, and associated concepts and skills information surpasses the information published on LtR - Handbells (as at January 2018).

Nevertheless, any ringer participating in the Hull Handbells project and wishing to document and certify their achievements via the LtR - Handbells scheme will receive our full and hearty support to do so.

Two ringers have embarked on this route so far.

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