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Basic concepts, simple call changes, and Plain Hunting need to be learned before starting to learn Plain Bob Minor. These skills come before method ringing and the information is documented under "Development".

This page is an index to the methods on this site, the information is related to handbell ringing.


Plain Bob is the foundation stone for all of the methods at each stage.

Lists of Methods

Methods are categorised as follows:

  • "Essential" form part of the development ladder documented as Method Progressions
  • "Stepping Stones" form part of the development ladder documented as Method Progressions but would only be rung in that context, not as a methods in their own right.
  • "Extras" are documented either for completeness or for the sheer enjoyment of ringing.

Site Sections:


Doubles Methods

Minor Methods

Plain Minor Methods



Stepping Stones


These extra plain methods are included for variety including uncommon method groups and 6th place Lead Ends.

Treble Bob Group

Treble Bob Minor Hunting Group

Methods based on the treble following a dodging path are interesting and very popular.

Treble Bob

Treble Bob Minor Methods


These essential T.B. methods form a development ladder towards more highly structured Delight and Surprise.


The following T.B. methods are included for variety including irregular methods.


Delight Minor Methods

Whilst there are many interesting methods classified as "Delight", they have not yet achieved the popularity they deserve.


Surprise Minor Methods

There are many very interesting methods classified as "Surprise".

Standard 8

These 8 methods are the towerbell ringer's normal Surprise Methods.

The following 7 methods are proposed as a more comprehensive set of standard Surprise Methods incorporating one each of the differing works above the treble.


Minor Principles

Major Methods

Plain Major Methods

T.B. Major

Treble Bob Major Methods


Surprise Major Methods