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College Bob Minor

About College Bob Minor

College Bob is the sixth place variant of St. Clement's College Bob. Learn and ring College Bob as a St Clement's variant, and for the benefit of practise at 6ths place methods.

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College Bob Minor structure splits the work below the treble between triple dodging in 1-2, and hunting in 3-4-5-6, exactly as St Clement's College Bob.

Method Structure.

Place Notation:
X 16 X 36 X 36, 16, Bob 14, Single 1456.


CollegeCollege Bob Minor change rows with grid

Diagram: 6p.10.00 College Bob Minor, plain lead, change-rows and grid.

Plain Course structure
College Bob Minor is a static method below the treble but needs concentration on the hunting into the Lead End.


Learning College Bob Minor.

The Structure

The heart of the method is the triple dodge in 1-2.

However, do not be lulled into a false sense of security, 6ths place methods will exact revenge on the unwary exponent.

The Rules

College Bob Minor - the rules
Ring St Clement's College Bob below the treble, and Plain Hunting above the treble.

Double Blue Lines

Double Blue Lines

College Bob Minor, 1-2

College Bob Minor on 1-2

Diagram: 6p.10.01 College Bob Minor, 1-2.


College Bob Minor, 3-4

College Bob Minor on 3-4

Diagram: 6p.10.02 College Bob Minor, 3-4.


College Bob Minor, 5-6

College Bob Minor on 5-6

Diagram: 6p.10.03 College Bob Minor, 5-6.

Place Notation

Artefacts, Place Notation and Grid

Use the learning of St Clement's to save time.


Ringing London Bob Minor.

Track the treble

Awareness of the position of the treble is a key skill for most bellringing methods, and a significant help in ringing London Bob Minor. Some hints and tips for developing the skill are given in the techniques section.

Use the learning and ringing techniques of St Clement's College Bob below the treble.

Use the learning and ringing techniques of Reverse Bob above the treble.

Coursing Order in College Bob Minor

Natural coursing order is well preserved in College Bob Minor, but see St. Clement's College Bob for details.


Bobs and Singles.

Bobs (PN: 14) and singles (PN: 1456) are much the same as in Reverse Bob Minor.


Touches of College Bob Minor

It is normal to use the tenor as the observation bell .
5ths place bell is the pivot bell and hence the first lead end is 164523

The calling positions for the tenor are:
In, 4ths, Home, Before, Wrong.

1: 120 College Bob Minor

120 College Bob Minor

In 4ths Home Before Wrong 23456 53246 Changes

Bob Bob 54326 24536 60
Bob Bob 23456 53246 60

Total 2 X 60

Abel Code

2 3 2 3

2: 360 College Bob Minor

360 College Bob Minor

In 4ths Home Before Wrong 23456 53246 Changes

Bob Bob 54326 24536 60
Bob 42356 52436 60

3 part Total 3 X 120

Abel Code

3 ( 2 3 2 )