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  Principles - An Introduction

Six Bell Principles

"Method" is the generic name for the pattern used to produce changes. There are several categories of method:

  • Plain:
    The treble hunts without dodging.
  • Treble Bob:
    The treble hunts and dodges at each pair of places, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 etc.
    In pure treble bob such as Kent or Oxford, when the treble hunts all of the bells hunt.
  • Delight and Surprise:
    As per treble bob, but when the treble hunts, internal places are made.
  • Alliance:
    The treble has a path which may include plain hunting through dodging positions and normal dodges, together with other, non standard blue line artefacts.
  • Little:
    The treble hunts but does not reach the maximum hunting extent for the number of bells being rung.
  • Principle:
    All of the working bells, including the treble, do the same work.
    The classic example of a principle is Stedman.

These categories also apply to higher numbers of bells.

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Original Minor

Original Minor, Place notation: -16,12 Bob 14, Single 1456

Original Minor is essentially Plain Hunting with Bobs and Singles. However, as the method is classified as a principle, the treble is no longer a special bell, it is affected by calls in the same manner as all of the other bells.

Whilst Original is, on the surface, simple to ring, touches of any length require significant feats of concentration.

Q: Why ring Original? (As opposed to Plain Hunting as a component of Plain Bob).

A1: There is no compelling reason to ring Original Minor as a method for its own sake, life is too short to do everything.
A2: Ringing Single Court Bob Minor as a stepping stone exercise in watching the treble hunting through 3-2 and 2-3 could be achieved by calling original bobs.

A dead end? On BellBoard, there are 43 handbell recorded lengths, with Original in the title, out of 21,182 in total, 0.2%.
ART practical targets for level 2. The inclusion of Original is a distraction to the development of handbell skills, progressive minor methods are much more valuable.