Group name - Hull Handbell Change Ringers


  Principles, for six bells

Original Minor

Place Notation: X16, Bob 14, Single 1456

Original is plain hunting with bobs and singles that affect all six bells. As a method it is relatively easy to ring, especially if the band has rung touches of sixth place methods such as Reverse Bob, and a simple composition is chosen. However, conducting is a significant challenge but even so, there are techniques available for meeting the challenge.

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The method

A Plain Course

The Plain Course

Diagram: 6r.01.00 Original, The Plain Course.

For instructions on ringing Original to a plain course, see Plain Hunting



Original Minor, Bobs and Singles

Diagram: 6r.01.01 Original, Calls.

A Bob introduces 4ths place in place of 6ths, the place is made instead of hunting from 4ths to 5ths place. The bells in 5-6 are, consequently, made to dodge. A maximum of 4 consecutive bobs can be called in a true touch, each one causing the bells in 5-6 to dodge.
A Single introduces 4ths and 5ths places underneath the (unaffected) 6ths, and the places are made instead of crossing over in 4ths and 5ths places.

Ringing the calls.

There is less time in original, than there is in a plain method, to hear the call and decide where to place ones bells, than there is in a Plain or Treble Bob method. So the ringers' preparation is critical to successful execution of the calls, which can be made every two change rows.

Having two bells below 4ths place at a call can be handled by ringing plain hunting in the front 4 places.
Having two bells above 4ths place can be rung as a dodge together (bob), or as 5ths and 6ths (single).
Having one bell in the front 4 and one in the back 2 gives most challenge. Ring the first bell by hunting - unaffected. The two bells at the back dodge to where they came from on the preceding backstroke for a bob, or make the place to 5ths and unaffected 6ths at a single.

Simple touches.

24 Original Minor.
Choose a bell as observation bell. When that bell passes through a chosen unaffected calling position, e.g. it leads, call a single.

36 Original Minor.
Choose a bell as observation bell. Whenever that bell passes through an unaffected calling position, e.g. leads, call a bob. Three such bobs returns you to the plain course.

60 Original Minor.
Use No 4 bell as the observation bell. Whenever that bell passes 3rds and 2nds, call a bob. Whenever that bell passes 2nds and 3rds, call a bob. Repeat 4 times.
NB. This touch starts with the words. "Bob. Go Original."

720 Original Minor.
Replicate the method and touch, places structure of Single Court in the calls for original minor.