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  Principles, for six bells

Forward Minor

About Forward

Forward is included on this site for two reasons,
a) It is a fairly simple principle worth ringing for its simplicity.
b) It is good practice in preparation for ringing Kent Treble Bob.

BellBoard only shows 10 relevant performances of Forward on 6, 8, 10 and 12 bells.

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Forward Minor is essentially treble bob hunting with Kent places in 3-4.

Method Structure.

Place Notation:
34X34.16 , Bob 14, Single 1456.


Forward Minor change rows with grid

Diagram: 6r.02.00 Forward Minor, full course, change-rows and grid.

Plain Course structure
There are six working bells, and for handbells three different pair positions, coursing, 2-3 and opposites. The plain course work is characterised by the pair positions rather than by the method structure. This is a fluid method.


Learning Forward Minor.

The Structure

This is a method to ring by the rules.

The Rules

Forward Minor - the rules
Ring treble bob hunting except in 3-4 where all bells make Kent Places.

Double Blue Lines

Double Blue Lines

Forward Minor, 1-2

The bell symbol indicates the ringing of another handbell to indicate spacing.
The double arrow indicates where bells "touch", i.e. they ring adjacent within a change row but do NOT cross over at the next row.

Forward Minor, the three patterns

Diagram: 108.02.01 Forward Minor, The three patterns.

Place Notation


Note: Dodge Lead Dodge, Dodge Lie Dodge and Kent Places.

Place Notation and Grid

These concepts are un-necessary for learning Forward.


These concepts are un-necessary for learning Forward.


Ringing Forward Minor.

Track the treble

Forward does not have a fixed bell, there is no anchor. Hence tracking the treble is not relevant.

Positional Awareness

One of the objectives in here is to ring the kent places crisply, hence the line diagrams emphasise the spacings.

Place Notation Elements

The method only contains 3 elements (X, 16, 34), all of which will already have been rung.

Place Bells, Pivot Leads, and Staging posts

The hunting patterns are reminiscent of Plain Hunting.

Awareness of other bells

Awareness of course bells and afterbells is an aid to accurate ringing.

Coursing Order in Forward Minor

Forward Minor preserves natural coursing order for all 6 bells.

Ringing the Method

Forward takes you out of the comfort zone of a fixed bell.


Bobs and Singles.

Bobs and singles
are similar to bobs in Kent Treble Bob, except that the treble can be involved as much as any bell.

Forward Minor - structure of calls

Diagram: 6r.02.02 Forward Minor, Calls


Touches of Forward Minor.

Choosing tenor as observation gives calling positions of:
Home, In, Lead, Out, 4ths, Wrong.

Calling a bob in an unaffected position for any bell, repeated twice, gives a touch of 72 changes.

Further touches to follow.