Group name - Hull Handbell Change Ringers


Group a (Plain Bob Minor)

Progressive Touches

Getting Started

The Plain Bob Minor page has notes on getting going with calling touches.

The above touches are replicated at the start of the Group a collection.

Ringing 1-2

Speciic touches have been created for 1-2 to practise:

Ringing "inside" pairs.

5-6 is generally thought to be easier than 3-4 as most often 6 is the observation bell and hence often is not affected by calls. Also notes on the value of touches with a repeating pattern for 5-6 are posted at Repeating Pattern touches. Touches

are all 720s employing different repeating patterns for 5-6.

Touch 20 gives good practise at singles for bells 2, 3, and 4, 5-6 being completely unaffected by the singles.

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