Group name - Hull Handbell Change Ringers


Group l

6ths Place Minor Methods
Lead End: 164523


Whilst there are no group l methods documented on this site on this site

are 6th place variants of St Clements College Bob Minor and Double Oxford Bob Minor respectively.

Group l methods, but not yet documented on this site:


Short touches can be called by calling pattern, beyond that the sixth is commonly used as an Observation Bell.:

Tenor - Observation Bell Positions and Work

Symbol Descriptor No Call Bob Single
F Fourths Hunt 4-5 Make 4ths Make 4ths
H Home Hunt 5-4 Dodge 5-6 Down Make 5ths
B Before Hunt 2-3 Hunt 2-3 Hunt 2-3
W Wrong Lie behind Dodge 5-6 Up Lie behind
I In Hunt 3-2 Hunt 3-2 Hunt 3-2

List of touches

For "xx College Bob Minor" read "xx Group l Plain Minor".

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