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The Hull Solar Gate

Project Description

Primary Objective:
To relate handbell change ringing to the city.
The dates illuminated by the solar gate will be used as a reason for some ringing along with other historic events.

Images: 4p.04 Hull Solar Gate Context and Detail.
Copyright: Peter Church

The Solar Gate:
Is a double skinned metal sculpture located in Queen's Gardens in the centre of Hull. Associated with the gate are 16 specific event panels, each of which have some historical significance, and each of which will be illuminated (assuming sunshine) at a specified time on a specific day in the year.

NB.: We have not found a definition of GMT versus BST for the gate.

The sixteen Solar Gate panels are:

Date Time Title Year Description Link
28 Feb 12:15 Philip Larkin 1964 'What will survive us is love', from An Arundel Tomb a poem, published in 1964
05 Mar 13:00 Mesopotanian Astronomer 1223BC Recorded the earliest known solar eclipse
12 Mar 10:30 Gandhi 1930 Leads the Salt March
15 Mar 13:20 al-Haytham 1021 Proves that light travels in a straight line Bells Image
02 Apr 15:30 Wilberforce 1792 Presents a bill for the abolition of slavery
23 Apr 12:15 Hotham 1642 Denies King Charles I entry to the city
02 May 13:45 Ronson 1994 Posthumous Album "Heaven and Hull"
24 May 12:00 Copernicus 1543 Proclaims planets orbit the sun Bells Image
21 Jun 14:30 Solar Gate 2018 Summer Solstice
22 Jun 11:50 Galileo 1633 Imprisoned for defending heliocentrism
15 Jul 14:15 Yantra 1734 Precision sundial Bells Image
14 Aug 14:00 Crusoe 1651 Seeks passage from Hull Bells Image
22 Sep 14:15 Old Dock 1778 Completion of the largest dock in UK Bells Image
01 Oct 11:30 John Venn 1866 Precursor to the Venn Diagram Bells Image
09 Nov 12:30 Berlin Wall 1989 Re-unification of East and West Germany Bells Image
11 Nov 11:00 Armistice Day 1918 End of World War 1 Bells Image

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Project Diary


Project Diary


Project Diary
1st August - 31st December 2019


Project Diary
28th February 2019


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