Group name - Hull Handbell Change Ringers


Version 9 updates

Site Sections:


Version 9.3: 14th October 2019
Disley Delight Minor added.

Version 9.2: 11th October 2019
Hull Surprise Minor added.
Westminster Surprise Minor added.
Sundry errors corrected.

Version 9.1: 27th September 2019
Projects data moved to separate sub folder.
All level 1 folders renamed for ease of use.

Version 9.0: 31st August 2019
Major update, every file affected.
Complete restructure to give ease of addition of further methods and compositions.


Version 8 updates

15 Jul. 2019 Version 8.03
Concepts and Skills diagram.

4 Jul. 2019 Version 8.02
Link to Lead Head codes added to Glossary
Compositions file added for St Clement's.

9 Jun. 2019 Version 8.01
Useful & Interesting combined into "Appendix".
Compositions section introduced

Unrecorded amendments

1 Jun. 2019 Version 8.0
The following updates are not recorded in detail:
History page quarter peals list
Project Updates


3 Jun. 2019 Version 7.12
History split into separate pages for Summary vs QPs vs Peals vs Methods .

29 Mar. 2019 Version 7.11
Inclusion of a link to the MJ Lane towerbell data.

22 Mar. 2019 Version 7.10
Various url errors corrected.

6 Mar. 2019 Version 7.9
Various formatting errors corrected. Some notes on method progressions from Minor to Major, included.

26 Feb. 2019 Version 7.8
Improved learning technique written up for Norwich Surprise Minor.

20 Feb. 2019 Version 7.7
Inclusion of Hull Solar Gate Project.

12 Feb. 2019 Version 7.6
Inclusion of one extra recording.

11 Feb. 2019 Version 7.5
Inclusion of Ringing World downloads.
Updated copyright statement.

10 Feb. 2019 Version 7.4
Improved presentation of Yorkshire S Major

4 Feb. 2019 Version 7.3
Moved update history to (this) new page

3 Feb. 2019 Version 7.2
Improved graphics and text for Kent TB Minor

3 Feb. 2019 Version 7.1
Additional page: Getting Started

1 Feb. 2019 Version 7.0
Simplified and improved Home Page
Toothcomb through the glossary.
Re-structure projects.
Removed ART detailed review as dated.
Ensured source documents under proper control

Unrecorded amendments

1 Feb. 2019 Version 7.0
The following updates are not recorded in detail:
History page quarter peals list
Project Updates