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Plain Minor Methods

  Plain Minor Methods - Bastow Little Bob

Bastow Little Bob

Place Notation: X12, 16, Bob 14, Single 1456

Bastow - the rules
In Bastow the treble alternately makes second place and then leads again. When the treble makes seconds place, the bells in 3-4 and 5-6 to dodge. When the treble leads, 6ths place is made, and the bells in 2-3-4-5 plain hunt.

The Plain Course of Bastow is just 20 changes long.

Bastow full course numbers and grid

Diagram: 105.06.00 Bastow Little Bob Minor, plain course, change-rows and grid.

As a stepping stone into Treble Bob, Bastow Little Bob is a good introduction. The work of the treble resembles the work of the slow bell in Oxford and Kent, and the work of the other bells resembles the easy part of Treble Bob Hunting.

Ringing Bastow

When a band is progressing beyond Plain Bob, Bastow is a fun method with a serious purpose. For the five working bells, the method is pure treble bob hunting except at lead where it is a simple plain lead.

Bastow Little Bob - The three pairs

Diagram: 105.06.00 Bastow Little Bob Minor, the pairs.

For 3-4, and 5-6, Bastow crams all the dodging work of Plain Bob into only 20 change rows.

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