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The Hull Handbells Project

Project Description

Our high level project objective is simple:
"To grow the double handed change ringing capability, in East Yorkshire, until it is capable of sustaining itself".


Start Date: March 2016

Status as at 1 February 2019:

Having Fun:
Ringing Plain Minor Methods beyond Plain Bob, ringing Kent TB Minor, making excursions into Bastow Little Bob Major, and Kent TB Major.

Status as at 1 January 2019:

8 ringers started from scratch and now have rung at least one quarter peal on handbells.
53 Quarter Peals rung.

Method ringing:
Minor: Simple Plain Methods up to S Clements, Kent TB Minor
Major: Plain Bob.

3 potential ringers gave up.

Learning Points:
The whole of this website is a consequence of this project.
Much has been learned about memory, motor skills, and the learning process.

Yorkshire Surprise Major .
Stedman Doubles .