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The Hull Handbells Project

Project Description

Our high level project objective is simple:
"To grow the double handed change ringing capability, in East Yorkshire, until it is capable of sustaining itself".


Start Date: March 2016

Status as at 1 Jun 2019:

Visible Progress:
12 Quarter Peals rung in the month.
Visible progress into ringing Major including Kent TB, plus a first as conductor on handbells. Plus numerous courses of Plain Bob Royal, and a quarter of Oxford TB Minor.

Status as at 1 May 2019:

Visible Progress:
3 Quarter Peals rung in the month.
In spite of holiday absences some progress into the more difficult methods has been made, including Norwich Surprise Minor.

Status as at 1 April 2019:

Visible Progress:
2 Quarter Peals rung in the month.
A peal of Plain Bob Major with blind ringer Rebecca Legowski on 1-2 was very well rung. We are grateful to Simon Humphrey from Derbyshire for support in ringing this peal.

Status as at 1 March 2019:

Having Fun:
5 Quarter Peals rung in the month.
Still developing the Kent TB Minor capability, but now also extending into Oxford TB Minor.
Several courses of Plain Bob Royal also achieved.
Some Surprise Major rung on Abel.

Status as at 1 February 2019:

Having Fun:
Ringing Plain Minor Methods beyond Plain Bob, ringing Kent TB Minor, making excursions into Bastow Little Bob Major, and Kent TB Major.

Status as at 1 January 2019:

8 ringers started from scratch and now have rung at least one quarter peal on handbells.
53 Quarter Peals rung.

Method ringing:
Minor: Simple Plain Methods up to S Clements, Kent TB Minor
Major: Plain Bob.

3 potential ringers gave up.

Learning Points:
The whole of this website is a consequence of this project.
Much has been learned about memory, motor skills, and the learning process.

Yorkshire Surprise Major .
Stedman Doubles .