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Quality of Information?

The statements on this page are all as correct as possible from visits to the individual shops. However, shops do increase or decrease the number of Fairtrade products without our knowledge. If you visit a shop and do not find an item that we have mentioned let us know, and ask the shopkeeper when it will be back in stock!

Directory of Fair Trade Outlets

The following directory was created simply to help Church Fairtraders to find Fairtrade labelled products for the Hull Mega Brew.

The directory needs to be extended to cover many more outlets, please send in a note telling of any products that you see that bear the Fairtrade Label.

Fair Trade Retail Outlets in Hull -
Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Cookies & Snacks:
Supplies for your Mega Brew

Do some extra good, choose to buy from a local Fairtrade supporter -

Local Fairtrade Activists

Local activists who hold stocks of Fairtrade products can be found in the following churches:

Online Retailers

For all of your Mega Brew needs:

Traidcraft was formed in 1979 and has in-depth experience at developing all aspects of Fair Trade. The Traidcraft product range is extensive and covers the widest range of consumable items, clothing, household materials as well as gifts, and greetings cards. Traidcraft also sells produce from other Fair Trade companies such as Cafe Direct and Divine Chocolate.

Traidcraft has had local voluntary activists, especially church based people, as part of its organisation from the outset. Registration as a Fair Trader is simple, and the demands are not onerous. The church group includes several registered traders who hold Traidcraft stock locally, for sale both to supporters and to the public.

Traidcraft is a Fair Trade Company and prioritises the needs and welfare of farmers and craft workers whilst making the necessary profit to survive; and as such should be the first port of call for people looking for Fair Trade produce.

On-Street Retailers (70)

Tea, sugar, ground coffee, and chocolate are widely available in the better chain stores such as Sainsbury.
Instant Coffee is not widely available, and Fairtrade Cookies are only available across the counter in Oxfam , and Grain , Newland avenue.

Independant Local / Small stores (4)

Chain stores (67)

Asda Stores


No information available, yet.

Co-op Stores


No information available (yet)

Greggs Outlets


No information available (yet)

Journey's Friend

Lidl Stores


No information available (yet)

Marks and Spencer Stores

M&S - Whitefriargate

No information available (yet)



No information available (yet)



No information available (yet)

Sainsbury's Stores


The selection of Fairtrade labelled products at the above stores is expected to be much the same as in the (small) Princes Avenue store. However, there are differences amongst the stores already visited so "check before you trek".



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Tesco - Superstore - Beverley Road

A selection of Fairtrade labelled products is expected to be available.

Waitrose Stores

Waitrose - Willerby

No information available (yet)

WH Smith Stores


WH Smith - Hull Royal Infirmary

No information available (yet)

WH Smith - Kingswood

No information available (yet)

WH Smith - Prospect Centre

No information available (yet)