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Jan: Is it All Over?
Feb: Valentine's day
Mar: Cath Edwards
Apr: Room 101
May: Victory
Jun: The Peasants Revolt
Jul: The Promised Land
Aug: Water Walk
Sep: Freedom Festival
Sep: Migration
Oct: Autumn Feast
Oct: Pilgrimage of Grace
Nov: AGM / Time and Tide
Dec: At the Zoo

November 2018 - "Time and Tide"

Six tellers and a listener gathered to share stories and the odd joke.

Hull Story Club


The The Harrison Ford Broccoli joke had an outing.

Dolly Parton's commitment to funding eduation in her home town led to a re-telling of "The Verger". Twisty ending.


With recent arrivals Cath had babies on the brain. Her research into twins, however, had not produced any stories with happy endings, HUne and Jennifer Gibbons being the one she related.


Ros recounted the story of a beautiful girl bewitched as a mouse and rescued by the loving devotion of the third son in his search for his true love. Happy ending.

The story, from Finland, was specifically researched for an alternative wedding, the fairy tale castle being re-worked as a community centre.


Sheila also had twins in mind, but her personal story was too personal to publish here.

However, she did recount the story of a lover's tryst on the bank of the River Hull where it meets the Barmston Drain.

"Dead or Alive", spooky ending.