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Faith in Fair Trade - Hull

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  • Fairtrade Fortnight, 2018
    PopupShop, Trinity Market.

The Fairtrade Churches Project

Making a difference to Fair Trade in Hull.

"Faith in Fair Trade - Hull" is a group of church people who have supported Fair Trade for approximately 20 years. Whilst maintaining our Christian principles we welcome involvement from people of any faith.

This website is to help people in East Yorkshire and Hull to support Fair Trade by providing information on how to find your local "activist" and where to obtain Fair Trade products.

Fair Trade or Fairtrade ?

Fair Trade is more than just a label on a product, and there are many Fairly Traded products that cannot have the Fairtrade label. We support any member of The World Fair Trade Organisation including FLO International and The Fairtrade Foundation, and we promote Fairtrade labelled products.

  • Fairly Traded products are high quality, - because the farmers choose the best of the best for Fair Trade.
  • Fairtrade consumable products are readily available - see our directory of retail outlets
  • Fair Trade is growing - join us and make the world a better place for everyone, but especially for those who need it most.