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  Leadership - Introduction

Making things happen

Leadership is about action, action towards the achievement of goals.

So it's a little counter-intuitive to start leadership with learning, why do we do this? Because, knowing how to be part of a band is an important part of leading a band forward.

There is no "silver bullet solution" to method learning, just lots of memory work, practice time, review.

Teaching is about ensuring the learning snags are overcome.

Coursing Order is a feature of bellringing methods that has great power for both ringer and conductor.

When as a learner you encounter someone who can ring a pair of bells at handbells speeds, know when to say bob and single, and be able to tell other people what their bells should be doing, it is tempting to think you will never be able to do that. The truth is that most conductors have pieced together bits of skill and bits of knowledge and practiced using those bits, and then added some more and done the whole learning, practice, testing work again. And again. And again

All the tools of the method ringer are available to the leader, and the leader needs to be familiar with them all.

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