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Double-Handed Change Ringing

The music of the bells is the music of mathematics.

A set of 12 handbells

Change ringing on handbells is a mathematical art form that uses abstract patterns to create pleasing sequences of rhythmical sounds using musical handbells.

A set of 12 handbells

Diverse skills are blended in this team activity giving many benefits and much enjoyment to the handbell change ringer.

A set of 12 handbells

This is a HOW TO DO IT website for both learners and teachers.

A set of 12 handbells

We wish you every success with your handbell ringing.

A set of 12 handbells

The information on this site is as accurate as possible, and deliberately limited to the core of what change ringing on handbells is about.
So whilst it is NOT an exhaustive treatise, we do welcome criticisms and suggestions.

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We welcome comments on the website, and know that what we have published has been useful, at least to some people.

However, either the website is perfect (ha, ha) or you are being too polite.

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A very experienced band ringing at a music concert

Click Play YouTube video for a good recording of some excellent ringing on 12 bells.

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