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Quality in handbell ringing.

What does the word "quality" mean in a handbells context?.

In general people think of ringing a method or touch that comes round without trips and clips and gaps, and with a consistent speed and rhythm. However, whilst that might be the hope, there are times when the expectation has to be lowered. When you are trying to develop a brand new skill mistakes are inevitable.

So let us postulate three different levels of performance:

A ringer may well be "nowhere" on ringing principles, be at a basic level for Surprise Methods, conducting simple Treble Bob performances, and still not yet have mastered Plain Bob.

The spread of experience and ability for ringing any one method at various stages is different. For example, the execution skills for Plain Bob Minor extend well to Major and on to Royal, but Maximus seems to add a further level of difficulty.

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Basic Level

At the basic level, enough method knowledge and execution skill come together for a band to ring a Plain Course or simple touch of a method. There may be different reasons for ringing at this level, including:

  • Trying a method for the first time
  • Practicing to re-inforce what has already been learned
  • Acquisition of a new skill
  • Evaluating what has been learned so far
  • Sheer enjoyment

The learning process is never a uni-directional steady development, there are always set backs and iterations. When a ringer eaches performance standard for any one method, he or she will have a unique blend of skills and knowledge for that method.

Performance Level

The standard for Performances is simply:

  • Consistent rhythm at handbell speeds
  • Trip free ringing
  • Quarter peal or peal length is comfortable

"Trip Free" is the aspiration, it can be achieved, but not without work and careful attention to the methods and how to build stamina by using Staging Posts (a.k.a. handrails) and other techniques.

Performance level on any pair, any length, any time is a step towards Mastery.

Getting to this standard requires significant learning and practice.

Method Mastery

Mastery comes by continuing to learn about the skills employed, the method intricacies, the interplay of the compositions and work of other bells, such that most of the ringing is performed by the sub-conscious mind without interference by the conscous mind.

Getting to this standard requires dedicated review, learning and practice time, performances become practice pieces.

Mastery of Plain Bob should be a component of all treble dominated ringing.