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The Hull Handbells Project

Opportunities for becoming a double-handed change ringer are hard to find, and unless you are retired it is difficult to find practice sessions. Our activities are based in the Hull area, but it is worth getting in contact as the more people that get involved, the more opportunities can be created.

The starting point for a person who is already a tower bell ringer is different from a person who has no experience of ringing, not better, not worse, just different.

We would advise you to browse the recordings and the glossary and get a feel for what we mean by double handed change ringing. It is best if you really want to do this for its own sake because this is a challenging, open-ended skill, with many dimensions once the basics have been mastered.

If you elect to get in touch, we will need to know a few things:

  • How much you already know about change ringing
  • Approximately where you live
  • Why you want to learn
  • What age bracket you fall into (<18, 18 - 40, 40-retirement, retired)

What are we looking for in asking the questions?
Essentially that the investment in time and energy in teaching is likely to be succesful in producing the desired end result.

We will not refuse to teach younger people but such teaching can only be undertaken once the necessary protections have been put into place.

What are we looking for in a learner?
Good sense of rhythm, ability to think logically, ability to fit into a team, persistence, good listening skills.

If you are still wanting to become a double-handed ringer, please Contact us

What do you get from learning to ring changes on handbells?

  • The immense satisfaction of doing something very hard, and that produces a beautiful kaleidoscope of sounds
  • Brain skills
  • Team work and life-long friendships
  • A skill that is practised by a tiny minority in many different countries
  • A never-ending set of challenges

What will it cost?

  • A few pounds per annum membership of the local society
  • A few hours per week
  • Most people invest in simulator software for a computer. This is not mandatory, but costs about 40 in total.

Get going
Check out what to do next with: First Steps in Handbell Ringing

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