Group name - Hull Handbell Change Ringers

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Feats of change ringing on handbells

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A set of 12 handbells

A set of 12 handbells
Method Ringing

A set of 12 handbells

A set of 12 handbells

A set of 12 handbells

A set of 12 handbells
Hull Project

A set of 12 handbells

Public Performances on Handbells

  • A (very good) quarter peal was rung at Pat Donnelly's birthday party, with people buzzing in and out, chatting, taking photographs.
    1260 Plain Bob Minor.

  • The 2005 Ringing Roadshow included a session on handbells.
    See the Roadshow Report.

  • This superb touch of Stedman Cinques was rung by the Society of Cambridge Youths at the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht 2015:
    Stedman Cinques by the Cambridge Youths.

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