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A set of 12 handbells

A set of 12 handbells
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A set of 12 handbells

A set of 12 handbells

A set of 12 handbells

A set of 12 handbells
Hull Project

A set of 12 handbells

There are many factors that exert an influence on the degree of challenge presented to a bellringer by any one piece of ringing. Ringing has mathematical theory at its heart, and a whole team of skilled individuals is needed for its execution. The mathematics relates to the various methods of ringing and their associated compositions. The individuals in the teams use a variety of memory techniques and a blend of execution skills in the performance of their art, the Art of Change Ringing on Handbells.

The mathematical theory at the heart of change ringing is identical for tower bells and hand bells; however, the execution techniques have much less in common. Tower bell ringing is normally performed with one bell, handbell ringing is normally with two bells; ringing more than one bell demands greater involvement in the bellringing method of choice, and at all levels.

As at July 2022, the Complib database contained 23,435 methods and 54,107 compositions.

The vast majority of bell ringers have memorised between 10 and 50 methods of the 23,000 available although the more capable ringers both tower and hand bells could memorise many of the 23,000 given a few hours’ notice.

This website is intended to help people achieve basic competence in the core methods on 6 and 8 bells. It aims to explain the necessary memory techniques and execution skills.

This website doesn’t aim to give assistance with the more exotic methods listed on Complib. Methods on Complib are classified into seven sub-categories with a further analysis in each sub-category. On this site we are dealing mainly with Plain and Treble Dodging methods with a single hunt bell, and displaying palindromic symmetry whilst keeping Plain Bob Lead Heads.

Our aim is simply to present enough information to get a learner over the first few hurdles and up into the ability to ring the most commonly rung methods on 6 and 8 bells.

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