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  Pure Treble Bob Minor Methods - Introduction

Kent and Oxford Treble Bob.

Kent TB Minor and Oxford TB Minor are rightly the normal entry point into the world of Treble Dodging Methods. They have a valuable consistency of structure and can be approached by progressive use of Plain Methods such as Bastow Little Bob Minor and Kent Little Bob Minor.

Kent and Oxford are identical in structure except when the treble is dodging in 1-2.
Kent T.B. 34-34.16-12-16-12-16,16, Bob 14, Single: 1456
Oxford T.B. -34-16-12-16-12-16,16, Bob 14, Single 1456.

Oxford has the simpler structure with right places places being made throughout, but Kent is often thought easier to ring as it better preserves the natural coursing order of the bells. Follow the links below for details of the methods.

Learning and Ringing Kent and Oxford by method rules.
The methods are eminently suitable for rule based learning and ringing, the structures of Plain Bob being the basis of the method except when the treble is working in 1-2.

The Rules

(K or O) Treble Bob Minor - the rules
The treble rings treble bob hunting.
When the treble dodges in 1-2, (K or O) places are made in 3-4.
When the treble dodges above 1-2, the slow bell (2nds place bell) makes seconds over the lead bell, and the other bells dodge in 3-4 and 5-6, one of them with the treble.
When the slow bell is leading, all of the bells ring plain hunting.

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Oxford T.B. Minor, is elegant in structure, delightful to ring, and a challenge to conduct beyond making the calls.


Progress towards the harder methods is greatly helped by thorough learning of the various skills such as keeping track of the treble. Hence various essential methods are also listed

Stepping Stones

We have not yet identified any methods in this category.


Regular methods have a high success rate owing to their basis in Plain Bob, however, irregular methods have interest, intrigue and occasionally charm. Kirkheaton TB has been included as one example of the oddities of irregular methods.

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The top left hand quadrant of the following table shows the regular Treble Bob methods with links to this website, Complib and Click "TREBLE DODGING MINOR CHART"