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Treble Bob Minor

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  Treble Dodging Minor - Sandal Treble Bob

Sandal Treble Bob Minor

About Sandal Treble Bob Minor

Sandal Treble Bob Minor is a half lead variation on Oxford Treble Bob Minor. The Half Lead places, 56, disrupt the slow work and create a triple dodge in 3-4.

4ths place bell is the pivot bell and with the 6ths place lead end, the calling sequence for 6ths observation makes this a challenging method.

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Method Structure.

Place Notation:
X 34 X 16 X 12 X 16 X 12 X 56, 16, Bob 14, Single 1456.


Sandal Treble Bob Minor change rows with grid

Diagram: Sandal Treble Bob Minor, plain lead, change-rows and grid.

Plain Course structure
95% of this method is pure Oxford Treble Bob in structure. The remaining 5% has a disproportionate impact on the blue lines.


Goals and learning approach

What you are trying to achieve needs to drive your approach.

Ringing by structure

If you are ringing Sandal to gain the skill of associating method structure with the work of the treble (valid goal), DO NOT learn the lines, learn the structure, ring, make mistakes and learn from them. Track-the Treble skills, Place Notation skills, coursing order skills can all be developed in this manner

Performance Level

If you are wishing to achieve 720s, Quarters, or peals:
start with the structural ringing as above, add in the bits that are natural to you.
Study the lines.
Practice a lot.
Achieve some performances .

Method Mastery Level

It is unusual for a band to wish to achieve mastery in a method like Sandal.


Learning Sandal Treble Bob Minor.

The Structure

Learning Sandal Treble Bob Minor after Oxford Treble Bob is deceptively easy, just a place under the treble at the half lead, and a couple of dodges instead of plain hunting.

The Rules

Sandal Treble Bob Minor - the rules
Ring Oxford Treble Bob until the treble lies behind.
When the Treble lies behind, 5ths place is made, and the bells in 1-2, and in 3-4 dodge.

Double Blue Lines

Double Blue Lines

Sandal Treble Bob Minor, 1-2

Sandal Treble Bob Minor on 1-2

Diagram: Sandal Treble Bob Minor, 1-2.


Sandal Treble Bob Minor, 3-4

Sandal Treble Bob Minor on 3-4

Diagram: Sandal Treble Bob Minor, 3-4.


Sandal Treble Bob Minor, 5-6

Sandal Treble Bob Minor on 5-6

Diagram: Sandal Treble Bob Minor, 5-6.

Place Notation


The half lead place disrupts the slow work and creates a 3-pull in 3-4.

Place Notation and Grid

The pictorial grid emphasises the structure of the method better than the Place Notation.


As with Oxford Treble Bob Minor, the rules are a good approach to the method, and splitting into individual elements is of no value.


Ringing Sandal Treble Bob Minor.

Track the treble

Awareness of the position of the treble is a key skill for most bellringing methods, and is the major key to ringing Sandal Treble Bob Minor. Some hints and tips for developing the skill are given in the techniques section.

The skill of following the treble that is used in ringing Oxford Treble Bob is brought into Sandal Treble Bob, so that as the treble dodges in 5-6 up, the ringers can be fully aware of the positions of their bells in preparation for the half lead dodge, and crucially for the work that follows.

Positional Awareness

Sandal Treble Bob Minor aids the development of awareness of 1-2, vs 3-4.

Place Notation Elements

The method only contains 5 elements (X, 34, 16, 12, 56), all of which will already have been rung.

Place Bells, Pivot Leads, and Staging posts

For 3-4 pair, the pivot point is when the pair dodges together in 1-2.
For 5-6 pair, the pivot point is when they triple dodge together in 3-4 under the treble.

Awareness of other bells

Most ringers on encountering Sandal Treble Bob find it quite tricky to ring well, and have little spare mental capacity for considering other bells.

Coursing Order in Sandal Treble Bob Minor

The Oxford places and half lead structure make coursing order quite difficult to apply to Sandal Treble Bob. Nevertheless, start with:

  • 2nds place bell makes seconds (when treble is in 3-4 up) over its course bell (3rds place bell) and then leads again.
  • Then its afterbell (4ths place bell) does lie-dodge-5ths-dodge-lie.
  • As the afterbell is starting the backwork, the bell after the afterbell (6ths place bell) comes down to the front (just as it does in Oxford TB) to work with the 2nds place bell, both bells ringing far-dodge-near across the Half Lead.
  • 2nds place bell then leaves the front and 6ths place bell works with its afterbell (5ths place bell) as treble returns to ring 3-4 down.


  • As per Oxford Treble Bob, 6ths place bell and 5ths place bell Treble Bob hunt down in natural coursing order, 6 before 5.
  • As 6 starts far dodge near on the front, 5 does the 3-pull dodge with its after-bell, 3rds place bell.
  • 5ths place bell continues on to the front as noted above, while 3rds place bell passes the teble 4-5 and goes into the "Oxford above" region.

Ringing the Method

Sandal Treble Bob Minor makes excellent use of the skill of following the treble in combination with a simple structural variation on a standard method. It demands the level of concentration that is needed for a simple surprise method.


Bobs and Singles.

Bobs replace the 6ths place at the Lead End with 4ths. This causes the bell that has just made 3rds to make the bob, make thirds once more, and repeat the work of the pivot bell. As with Kent and Oxford TB., the bob introduces a dodge in 5-6 which connects with the method to create a 3-pull.

Singles Singles are rarely used in Sandal Treble Bob Minor.


Touches of Sandal Treble Bob Minor.

4ths place bell is the pivot bell, and hence the first lead end is 156342 giving calling positions from the tenor as:
Out, Home, 4ths, In, Wrong.

1: 144 Sandal Treble Bob Minor

144 Sandal Treble Bob Minor - Make the bob thrice

Before Home 4ths In Wrong 23456 53246 Changes

Bob 42356 52436 48
Bob 34256 54326 48
Bob 23456 53246 48

Total 3 X 48

Abel Code

4 4 4

2: 240 Sandal Treble Bob Minor

240 Sandal Treble Bob Minor

Before Home 4ths In Wrong 23456 53246 Changes

Bob Bob 45236 35426 120
Bob Bob 23456 53246 120

Total 2 X 120

Abel Code

2 ( 3 2 )

3: 720 Sandal Treble Bob Minor

720 Sandal Treble Bob Minor

Before Home 4ths In Wrong 23456 53246 Changes

Bob 35426 25346 120
Bob Bob 42356 52436 120

3 part Total 3 X 240

Abel Code

3 ( 2 3 2 )