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Calling a composition

With a competent band, and under normal circumstances, calls should be made as the treble rings at backstroke prior to leading full. This can be practiced in a computer environment such as Abel thereby saving time and frustration, and possibly embarrassment.

Practice work

Enter the composition into Abel.
Set Abel to ring the composition at a moderate speed.
Follow your own pair and say out loud the calls; you shuld aim to be speaking at the same time as Abel.
Once you have orined out any snags, go the same exercise whilst ringing your pair. Get the striking up to 9 at handbell speeds.

Repeat the exercise (slower speed), ring your pair, make the calls, articulate the new coursing order each time it changes.
Gradually speed up to handbell speeds.

Goldilocks speed.
Going too fast is to actively court disaster.
Going too slow is also a mistake that can lead to failure.
The Goldilocks speed is fast enough so the you have to trust your "muscle memory" or sub-conscious mind (whatever you want to call it) to do the ringing whilst you think about and make the calls.

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