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Plain Minor Methods - Kent Little Bob

Kent Little Bob Minor

Kent Little Bob is a "stepping stone" placed between Bastow Little Bob and Kent Treble Bob. Kent Little Bob enables practise at ringing the contiguous Kent places in 3-4 and dodging in 5-6. Many ringers find Kent Places difficult when associated with dodging work and Kent Little Bob is a good practise method.

Whilst double blue line information is included below, it is not expected that Kent Little Bob is rung for any other reason than to gain skill for ringing Kent Treble Bob.

Place Notation:, Bob 14, Single 1456

Kent Little Bob - the rules
The treble alternately makes second place and then leads again.
The bells passing through 3rds and 4ths in either direction make Kent Places. The bells passing through 5ths and 6ths ring dodge lie dodge.

The Plain Course of Kent Little Bob is just 20 changes long.

Kent Little Bob full course numbers and grid

Diagram: Kent Little Bob Minor, plain course, change-rows and grid.

As a stepping stone into Treble Bob, Kent Little Bob builds on the interesting features of Bastow Little Bob is a good introduction especially to Kent Places. The work of the treble resembles the work of the slow bell in Oxford and Kent, and the work of the other bells resembles the work either side of the slow work of Kent Treble Bob Minor.

Ringing Kent Little Bob

When a band is progressing beyond Plain Bob, Kent Little Bob, like Bastow Little Bob, is a fun method with a serious purpose.

Kent Little Bob - The three pairs

Diagram: Kent Little Bob Minor, the pairs.

For 3-4, and 5-6, Kent Little Bob crams all the tricksiness of Kent Treble Bob places work into only 20 change rows.

Kent Little Bob is an excellent stepping stone towards Kent Treble Bob. The challenge is to ring the contiguous places accurately, to do so, it is worth memorising the numbers of bells separating your pair. This needs to include the "touch" points, or zero separations.

Kent Little Bob - Separation of the three pairs

Diagram: Kent Little Bob Minor, separation of the pairs.

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